First Friday Forum

First Friday

. . . is a group of published writers (of all genres) sponsored by Page One, the second largest independent bookstore in the southwest. The group meets regularly for lunch. Most meetings have twenty or thirty writers in attendance. As of 6/30/96, members include:

Arlan Andrews
Magazine, SF Shorts
Jim Belshaw
Steve Brewer
William Buchanan
Ernie Bulow
Southwest, Interviews
Harlen Campbell
Mystery, Action/Adventure
Meredith Cary (w/a Brown, Carrie)
Mystery and Academic
Carol Cassell
How-to, Advice
Paul Cassell
Journalist, Computer issues
Suzy Charnas
Barbara Clady
Lou Cuevas
Southwest legends, culture.
Stephen Donaldson
Science Fiction
Penny Durant
Children & Young Adult
Ken Englade
True crime
Patricia Gardner Evans
Romance - Romantic suspense
Steven Gould
Science Fiction
Madge Harrah
Young Adult, children's
Tony Hillerman
Mysteries & nonfiction
Betsy James
Children's, Juveniles
Chris Krohn
Elsie Karr Kreischer
Science Fiction
Michael Kurland
Mysteries, True Crime
Anita Larsen
Children's, Y.A., Adult Mystery, Scripts
Judy Lawrence
Personal Budgetry
Jane Lindskold
Science Fiction, Fantasy
Bentley Lyon
Ashley McConnell
Science Fiction, fantasy, horror, Quantum Leap, Highlander
Tasha Mackler
Mystery reference
George R. R. Martin
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Victor Milan
Science Fiction, Adventure Fiction
John Miller
Science Fiction
Laura J. Mixon
Science Fiction
Pati Nagle
SF, Fantasy, Historical
Sharon Niederman
Chris Offutt
Mainstream; Kentucky Straight, The Good Brother, The Same River Twice
Susanne Page
Jake Page
Mysteries, Mythology, Science
Susanne Page
Indian life, Photography
Paula Paul
Romance, Women's fiction, Mainstream
Francis Roe
Mystery, medical fiction
Fred and Joan Saberhagen
Science Fiction, Fantasy
Walter Satterthwait
Mysteries. Homepage
Connie Shelton
Layne Vickers Smith
Toby Smith
Non-fiction, New Mexicana
Melinda Snodgrass
Science Fiction
David Steinberg
S. M. Stirling
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Dan True
Natural Science & popular culture
Judith Van Gieson
Bob Vardeman
Science Fiction
Sage Walker
Science Fiction
Robert Weber
Creativity, invention; YA
Walter Jon Williams
Science Fiction
Spencer Wilson
Historian -- N.M., Railroads
Norman Zollinger
Historical & adult mainstream novels
Frank Zoretich
Travel -- the Cheap Thrills Adventure Club

Web Sites maintained by members

Steven Gould and Laura Mixon

Pat Nagle

A Very Small Array

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